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Aeges – The Bridge

What do you get when you put members of post-metal powerhouse Pelican and the sludgemeisters of 16 together in the studio? Apparently a poppy album. Who would’ve thunk it! It’s true though, “The Bridge” is surprisingly catchy, straight-forward and hook-laden while still rocking hard. Very hard.

Aeges doesn’t knock politely on the door, they just kick the thing right out of its hinges with opening track “Wrong”. Drums are being pounded like crazy, the guitars are fuzzy yet heavy and the vocals are delivered with plenty of passion and grit. And well, the same can be said for all the other songs on here. I love it when aggressive music is melodic yet still comes with a raw edge and that’s exactly what these guys went for.

Taking cues from 90s acts such as Helmet, Far, Quicksand and Handsome and incorporating the kind of wavering guitars that Cave In had going on for a while, these guys obviously had a good idea of what they were going for and walked out with the most accomplished debut album I’ve heard in a really long time.
Score: 9 out of 10

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