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Shane Gamble – Shane Gamble

Shane Gamble calls himself a neo-country crooner which is a first for me. But listening to the man’s self-titled album, I can see where it’s coming from. The songs on here are an amalgam of pop, country and indie rock which gives him credibility with both the Nashville crowd and the New York hipsters.

Take “Bleeder” for instance where Gamble sounds a bit like Jack Johnson singing over a tune that could’ve been written by Jakob Dylan. “Turn My Way” and “One Balloon” on the other hand seem to be written for the radio. The album has a nice flow to it and while the arrangements are lush with layered guitars and vocal harmonies, things never feel cramped but instead allow the song to breathe.

If you’re into John Mayer, Pete Yorn or Josh Ritter’s “Hello Starling”, Shane Gamble is a safe bet!
Score: 7 out of 10
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