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Reactions – Archetypes

I found out that when you google a band named Reactions, you find a whole lot of stuff not relating to the band. And when I did find a hit that was about them, it didn’t offer a whole lot of information and it came with a photo of the band with their heads chopped off. Guess they like their anonimity…

As it turns out they took this approach because they’re all in ‘well-known independent bands’ and wanted to ‘give up the individualized attention typically desired by musicians’. Since then they have revealed themselves (guess they’re attention whores after all) and they apparently play in Sound The City, Of Salt & Swine and RadioDriveBy… three bands that I have honestly never ever heard of.

But hey, I guess you have to do something to stand out in today’s scene and listening to “Archetypes” I doubt it’ll be with their music. Reactions mix rock with post-hardcore and sound like every other band in the scene with their typical riffage, typical screams vs. clean vocals and a typical breakdown here and there to break up the verse/chorus/verse monotony. Oh yeah, they sprinkled some synths over it all that don’t contribute much. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that they’re so damn… typical! I’m thinking “Stereotypes” would have been a better name.
Score: 3 out of 10
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