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River City Ransom – River City Ransom EP

Rivery City Ransom open their EP with “This Day And Age”, a punky rock n roll track that made me think of  Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster from the riffage right down to the screams. Then in come the clean vocals in the chorus which seems to be lifted straight from an Alexisonfire song.  “Strength From The Sun” on the other hand along with well, pretty much every other song on here seem to be written right after having listened to all of The Bronx’ releases.

While the music itself is not too shabby, it misses any trace of originality. But it’s the vocals where these guys really mess up. You know how you sometimes hear a guy scream his lungs out and you wonder when he’s going to completely fuck up his vocal chords? Well, this is what he’d end up sounding like if that would indeed happen. It sounds all raspy and shit and just plain unpleasant to listen to. Kinda like the clean vocals on “Great White Buffalo” which wouldn’t sound out of place on an album by some German powermetal band.

If there are any redeeming qualities about this release, I’m having a hard time finding them.
Score: 4 out of 10
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