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Gaz Coombes – Here Come The Bombs

Gaz Coombes is one quarter of Supergrass (we are young! / we are free!... remember that one?) and former Britpop wonder. While recording a new album in 2010 Coombes pulled the plug, quoting creative differences as the reason for the break-up. Two years later the man is releasing his first solo album and it sounds less carefree and festive than what he wrote during his Supergrass days. With the help of drum computers and synths, this does at times end up sounding more like Radiohead than Supergrass. Take opener “Bombs” or “Whore” for exampe and tell me you don’t hear some Thom Yorke there!

While there’s a good idea in every single song, things just don’t click for me. Songs like “Hot Fruit” and the abovementioned “Whore” are probably the best on here but other than that this album doesn’t leave much of an impression. Or if it does it’s a slightly depressing one.
Score: 6 out of 10

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