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Blonds – The Bad Ones

Apparently Blondes and Blond had already been taken, the first being a New York City-based electronic duo and the latter being a Swedish boy band. Which is probably why Florida natives Cari Rae and Jordy Asher had to settle on Blonds. Following up last year’s “Dark Roots” EP the couple has now dropped their first full-length. It’s called “The Bad Ones” and I doubt they are talking about the songs on the album.

Blonds often get compared to Tennis and Cults because all of them consist of a boy and a girl making pop music. The thing that sets Blonds apart though is that there’s nothing cute about their music. Listening to “Amen” or “Mr E” conjures up images of an era that’s long gone and that we only get to relive whenever Mad Men is on. But the sound has been given a modern update and if there wasn’t such a thing as retro electro (electretro?) already, then there is now.

The songs on here ooze with sexy and flawlessly combine twang (“Run”), doo-wop, bluesy riffs and pop with  femmes fatales and 60s chic and make me want to use words like suave and enticing. Check them out now so you can be one of the first to create buzz around them!
Score: 8 out of 10
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