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Belle Histoire – Dreamers

If you haven’t heard of Belle Histoire yet, don’t feel bad. They haven’t been around that long. But at the rate they’re going, things seem to be picking up pretty fast for them. Since first starting out, these guys (and girl) have already released an EP, signed with a label and now there’s the band’s first full-length, “Dreamers”.

Belle Histoire dabbles in indie pop that at times is a little more to the cheesy side than I would’ve preferred (“Without You” even brought the Cranberries to mind) , but they’re pretty good at what they do nonetheless. With Jane Smith’s voice taking center stage, the rest of the band does a solid job of backing her up with mostly perky, upbeat tunes. Opener “Don’t Run Away” and “Kids” are two of those album highlights. They get a little more dramatic in “See You Again” and “Home” is another track that feels a bit overdone… kind of like a Regina Spektor leftover.

For the most part “Dreamers” is a fun album to kick back to but it would’ve been better without the sugary ballads. If I want to hear those, I’ll watch an episode of Gossip Girl.
Score: 5.5 out of 10

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