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Angus Stone – Broken Brights

If you’ve already heard of Angus Stone it was most likely with the name Julia right next to it. He and his sister have released a number of well-received albums together, making them one of Australia’s better export products. They’ve since taken a break from one another with Julia first releasing “By The Horns” and now there’s Angus’ solo debut, “Broken Brights”.

And it’s a nice debut. Well, if we overlook the Irish flute solo in “The Blue Door” that is. What the fuck is that about? But okay, we were going to overlook that one. This album is basically Angus Stone paying tribute to his heroes without simply copying them. Opener “River Love” and “” made me think of Bob Dylan whereas “Only A Woman” brings seventies era Neil Young to mind. More influences? “It Was Blue” is a complete ripoff from The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” but hey, it’s a good one so fuck it.

Angus might not be bringing anything new to the table but he has written a damn fine collection of songs in which he fools around with all his influences and ends up sounding all the better because of it!
Score: 8 out of 10

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