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Nathen Maxwell and the Original Bunny Gang – White Rabbit

“White Rabbit” is Nathen Maxwell’s solo debut. You know Maxwell best as the bassist in Flogging Molly. Yup, the Celtic punk rebel rousers that have been shoving the jig right along with the whiskey down our throats for quite some time. Which makes it even more surprising to see him pop up with an album that finds him putting away the shot glasses and lighting up the bong with a bunch of reggae-inspired songs.

It’s not quite what you’d expect from a Flogging Mollier which is why vocalist Dave told him he should record a solo album. And so Maxwell headed for the studio with his dad, fellow Flogging Molly member Matt Hensley and producer Ted Hutt. The result is a collection of laidback tunes that hold up somewhere between reggae and folk. Jack Johnson is a name that came to mind more than once and I guess that’s a comparison this guy who grew up under the California sun can appreciate.

“White Rabbit” is a fun album and I wouldn’t mind if at the next Flogging Molly show, they slow things down for a bit and let Maxwell crank out a song or two. Just long enough to light up and inhale.
Score: 7 out of 10

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