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Adolescents - The fastest kid alive

- by Christophe

Okay, so it's been about 6 years since Adolescents decided to get back in business and released "OC Confidential". As one of the first bands to fuse hardcore - as punkrock was then called- with surf and pop music, the Adolescents certainly are a legend.

Now, it's obvious that this band still has a go at what they know best. And it sure does sound like whatever you're used to hearing from them. And one could say that they're on top of their game despite 30 years in business. Well, mostly in other bands, but it's still punk business.

Anyhoo... We're not getting any closer to the point like this. So here's the deal: this is a pretty credible and okay Adolescents album, with a couple of highlights like the catchy "Babylon by Bomb", the fast-paced "Orange Crush" or the surf-tune "Serf City".

But the fact is that, compared to other poppunk bands that emerged in the last ten years or so, "The Fastest Kid Alive" can only qualify as being 'above average', and fails to really impress yours truly.
Score: 6,5 out of 10

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