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Like Alaska - On Against Want

- by Jan

If you're sick of all the new folk bands that emerged over the last couple of years, I can relate. That being said, you should still give Australia's Like Alaska a chance. It's not the generic we-all-have-a-beard-and-own-acoustic-guitars-folk you've been hearing, nor I'm-a-cute-girl-with-a-summer-dress-and-a-guitar-on-a-bar-stool-folk.

On Against Want is a rock album just as much as it is a folk album, depending on who's doing the singing. It has a good beat to it. Interesting vocal harmonies and/or disharmonies in some of the songs. All in all it stands out from the lot.

And also Like Alaska is a great band name.

P.S.: Don't get me wrong, I really like cute girls in summer dresses whether on bar stools or not!
Score: 8 out of 10

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