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Let's Wrestle - Nursing Home

- by Jan

Here's an excerpt from the first song on this album. "In my dreams there were Pokemon beating me up. I punched Pidgeotto right in the face." There are several more funny or clever lines on this album, but I didn't need more than this one to decide that this would be an awesome record.

Rest assured, I did listen to the rest. (How else would I know there'd be other funny lyrics?) Turns out I was right.

If punching a Pokemon in the face didn't do it for you, I'll try to describe the sound: relatively simple pop rock songs with a pop-punkish feel to them. Take Buzzcocks and early The Fall, peel them to get to the core. Then add a dash of The Beatles. Next stir in some lo-fi. Best served in a small club.
Score: 9 out of 10

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