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The Octopussys - Face the World

- by Christophe

Let's be serious, people... There's nothing to be happy about in Belgium. They don't have a real government for about a year now, there's financial issues, taxes are higher than ever; there are more traffic jams than there are cars and... Oh you get the point. There's a lot to be angry about, and write punk songs about.

The Octopussys do nothing of the sort.

Girls, summer, moving on, positivism, ... the Belgian 5-piece is all about bringing back melodic punkrock that was so big in the late 90's. You know, the No Use For A Name-ish and The Ataris-ish punkrock.

You know, they almost succeeded too. Musically, melodically, and, ehm, songwritingly, it sorta kinda works out just fine.

Vocally however, the incessant nasal voice starts to work on my nerves from song 3 on. So, sorry boys, but this doesn't really float my boat, let alone solve my worries about Belgium's future.

Oh, and would you please fix that error in your band name? The plural of "pussy" is "pussies".

I like pussies...
Score: 5,5 out of 10

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