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Reatards - Teenage Hate

- by Christophe

Wow, it's almost been two years since the unfortunate passing of Jay Reatard. Unless, of course, he's hiding somewhere. And just like Elvis, he's pretending to be dead.

Fuck Elvis. Here's the review.

Reatards is one legendary garagepunk outfit, even though they only came around in the late 90's. But under the guidance of Oblivians, they developed in a raw, rugged, vicious and snarling and screaming three-piece.

"Teenage Hate", the debut LP, is perfect proof of that. The shabby sound quality - you know, garage - adds to the intensity for once. The addition of two early tapes, "The Reatards" and "Fuck Elvis, Here's the Reatards" cassettes, make this re-issue a sure bet for fans of Jay's work, raw as fuck garagepunk or for fans of, well, awesomeness on a disc.
Score: 8 out of 10

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