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Kasabian – Velociraptor!

- by Thomas

The band that sounds so much like Oasis that even the Gallagher brothers like them is back with “Velociraptor!”, their fourth album already. On it they build further on what they achieved with “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum” without repeating themselves.

So expect to hear rock n roll anthems with a fair amount of ennui mixed in (“I Hear Voices”, the title track), some flirts with hip hop rhythms courtesy of producer Dan The Automator (“Days Are Forgotten”) and a couple of ballads (“Goodbye Kiss”). Sounds good up until now? Well, I’ve honestly never been a fan of the band… if the guys in the band already sound bored with the music they’re playing, why the hell should I get excited about it? And there’s a fair amount of clunkers on here as well… “Acid Turkish Bath” sounds like a Kula Shaker leftover and single “Switchblade Smiles” has a bit too much of a Republica vibe going on to be considered pleasant.

I guess that leaves me still not being a fan of Kasabian… the British press might not agree with me but they just don’t leave much of an impression
Score: 4 out of 10

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