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Forty Winks – Bow Wow

- by Thomas

At first I thought someone sent me the new Lil Bow Wow album who had matured, dropped the Lil part and gone through some severe stylistic changes. But no sirree, “Bow Wow” is actually the name of Forty Winks’ latest album. I’m not even gonna go into the album cover but let me just say that it didn’t exactly make me want to listen to the album.

Despite all those prejudices, I popped in this disc and instantly started a one-man party. Booty-shaking rhythms, flaky guitar riffs, catchy keyboard sounds, thumping bass lines and an the kind of happy-go-lucky vibe that you’d normally associate with ska permeate this album and make it incredibly easy to listen to. “One Last Round” sounds like a lost Less Than Jake song, “I Feel Dead” comes with a sweet surf vibe and closer “Ain’t Good Enough” is just a solid punkrock song. I’m pretty sure these guys have been listening to a lot of music from the 70 before deciding to write a bunch of ridiculously catchy songs. The result is called “Bow Wow” and it will most likely be one of the most underrated albums of the year.
Score: 8 out of 10

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