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Grimskunk - Skunkadelic

- by Christophe

Oh nice, a double album.

I'm sorry boys, I have a job in advertising, I'm not going to take the time to listen to both albums. Hell, I can get a pretty good idea just from disc one.

This Canadian bunch has been around since the late 80's, and they collected the best songs off their seven or so releases, remastered them and there you go.

GrimSkunk plays some kind of "world punk", mixing of course punk rock with all kinds of different influences;

So you'l get werid Indian, Greek, gypsy, ska, reggae and even weirder influences. But also, at times, they keep it simple and just add some metal, or progrock, or stoner, or ...

Wait, okay, so except for classical music, almost everything is there.


Well ,okay, it's very diverse and at times there are some really cool songs to be found. But overall, it's just too much of WTF and not enough a unity in the songs or sound. Of course, this being a comp of earlier work might be the cause of that. But it's weirding me out, dude.

I need some skunk.
Score: 5,5 out of 10

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