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Pearl Jam – Twenty

- by Thomas

When Cameron Crowe is making a 2-hour documentary about Pearl Jam out of 20 years of barely used footage, you can consider me psyched! I’ll have to wait a bit longer to actually see the movie but now there’s already the soundtrack to tie me over.

It comes in a nice digipack… one disc with the music from the movie and another disc with a bunch of rarities including a demo of the 1990 Temple Of The Dog song “Say Hello 2 Heaven”. Even when going for a Pearl Jam classic, Crowe went out of his way to deliver it in a version that would stand out. Like the live version of “Alive” from one of Pearl Jam’s first shows ever.

And then there’s “Betterman”, recorded at Madison Square Garden. Vedder is completely drowned out as the crowd takes over and belts out the words. It’s for those fans that this soundtrack and documentary are made. Here’s to 20 more years of kickass rock ‘n roll!
Score: 9 out of 10

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