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The Sounds - Something to Die For

- by Christophe

A few years ago, I was at a big festival, watching one of the side-stages. Some Swedish band was playing there, and one of my friends thought I should see it.

On stage, I saw an arrogant blonde beauty with long, loooooooooooooooooong legs. The band was kinda "scene", but with attitude.

And boy, that was fun to listen to... Kinda like Blondie, but Swedish and more punk. It was awesome.

And the first two albums, "Living in America" and "Dying to Say this To You" were pretty good.

I kinda missed out on the third one, but "Something To Die For", their fourth record, is a bit of a surprise.

On one hand, it 's a bad surprise. The dancepunk/synthpop/indierock-pleasantries have made way for more pop, more synths, more digital sounds and a more mainstream approach. And that's not what I've been waiting or hoping for.

On the other hand, there are some wonderfully fun tunes. "Diana", "It's so Easy" or "The No No Song".
I'm not gonna be the one to judge the Sounds for wanting to go mainstream. It was obvious from the very first album that they would want to give it a try. And they obviously tried hard. Maybe a little too hard, even.

Who knows, maybe they will succeed with this record. But I'm afraid the songs are a little too long (averaging a little over 4 minutes) to be perfect pop songs, and the total seems not entirely focussed.

Then again, it might be a good onset for things to come, and maybe the next album will be spot on and propel the Swedish Debbie Harry and her boys to new heights. Good luck to ya, Maja. And give me a call if you want to go out sometime. Please! Seriously! I'm not kidding! Honestly!
Score: 6,5 out of 10

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