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The Walkabouts – Travels In The Dustland

- by Thomas

“Travels In The Dustland” is the first new Walkabouts album in six years but it was well worth the wait. “Travels In The Dustland” is a collection of songs about the desert and on the album Chris Eckman and his friends sound like the bastard child of Calexico and Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds.

With a bit of pedal steel here and some organ there alongside plenty of string arrangements that are draped over various songs, The Walkabouts take you on a trip through vast landscapes and open skies. Eckman sings on most of the songs here but there are a couple of goosebump moments that come courtesy of Carla Torgerson as well. And while the dustland does not seem like a very hospitable place, even downright gloomy at times, it does deliver some heartbreakingly beautiful songs with “They Are Not Like Us” as the absolute highlight.
Score: 8.5 out of 10

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