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Brian Olive - S/T

Google Brian Olive and one of the first links you’ll come across is that to Brian’s olive shop somewhere in Australia. Apparently they offer a nice variety of Kalamata olives and pure extra virgin olive oil pressed locally. The Brian Olive I was looking for however used to a Soledad Brother and a Greenhorne, two outfits with whom he tried to bring back blues in a rock setting around the same time The White Stripes blew up and stole all the credit.

On his eponymous solo album, Olive is taking a slightly different route and revisits the colorful, psychedelic and soulful sixties. The result is a wildly diverse album with songs varying from the bossanova track “Echoing Light” that is disguised as something Jack Johnson could’ve written to the New Orleans parade of “The Day Is Coming”, the jazzy atmosphere of “High Low” and the album highlight “Killing Stone” with very nice backing vocals.

It’s a cool album that comes with a warm, organic sound thanks to the analog recording somewhere in the basement of a former pawnshop. Check it out if you want to know what was happening in music when your parents were young a long time ago.
Score: 7 out of 10

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