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For Today – Portraits

Shredding for the lord… brilliant concept! Whoever came up with that one sure has earned his free pass to heaven. Because ever since we have been flooded with Christian hardcore and metalcore releases. In For Today’s case ,these children of god do their utmost best to pummel your ass, melt your face off and tear you a new one… all very un-christian things to do if you ask me but oh well.

If you’ve heard their previous album “Ekklesia”, you’ll know what to expect… mosh-friendly melodic metalcore that’s riddled with breakdowns, over the top cookie monster vocals and a Jamie King production job. Yes, you’ve already heard this a couple of times before but just like praying your rosary, it never gets old. Well, actually it does… but this is still an okay-ish metalcore album.
Score: 6 out of 10

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