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Tenet – Sovereign

Now that Strapping Young Lad is taking a breather, guitarist Jed Simon has time to work on his other projects. Not too long ago this resulted in a highly entertaining album by Zimmers Hole and now he’s back with a punishing and faster-than-light album under the Tenet moniker. Along with his Strapping Young Lad buddies Gene Hoglan (drums) and Buron Stroud (bass), former Exodus vocalist Steve Souza and former Testament guitarist Glen Alvelais, he’s here to kick some ass!

With faster-than-light speed I’m not only referring to the rhythms. The fact that the album contains only nine songs spread out over barely 30 minutes helps as well. It’s over before you know it and will leave you hungry for more. Along with razorsharp riffs and solos alongside Souza’s vicious growl, these guys lift compositions like opener “Being And Nothingness” and “Crown Of Thorns” to a higher level. Think Exodus. Think Pestilence. Definitely one of the best death/thrash releases I’ve heard this year.
Score: 8 out of 10

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