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Lovvers – Ocd Go Go Go Girls

What’s up with the double V’s in band names? First there was Wavves, now there’s Lovvers with their “Ocd Go Go Go Girls”. The similarities don’t end there because just like Wavves, Lovvers know their way around fuzzed up and noisy punk. You know, the kind where the noise is only limited by the dials on the band’s amps.

So if there was a double V’d bands competition, who’d win? My vote would go to Lovvers who play some pretty catchy tunes. Well, they would be catchy if you could understand a single word of what they’re singing. No, scratch that… song slike “100 Flowers” and “Ad Lib” are pretty damn catchy regardless. The vocals are buried somewhere underneath the crackle of the mic and the jangly guitars while the drum marches on. I still like OCD Go Go Go Girls though. The album that is.
Score: 7 out of 10

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