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Alcatraz – Smile Now, Cry Later

- by Thomas

I’m guessing Alcatraz didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about their band name seeing as they get to call San Francisco home. Other possibilities were Transamerica Pyramid and Fisherman’s Wharf but out of those three Alcatraz sounded the most badass. Which is what they are going for with their music as well so I guess it makes the most sense.

Featuring former and current members of outfits such as First Blood, Embrace The End, Allegiance and a whole bunch of other bands, these guys tear through a whopping 20 songs on their debut full-length. It’s fast-paced hardcore with a punky edge that takes cues from Death Threat, Integrity, Ringworm, Hoods, and Buried Alive and I’m kinda digging it… it’s just that 20 songs is a bit much to take in all at once. But hey, the album does come with the songs from their sold out demo tape.
Score: 6 out of 10

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