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The Wild – A Collection

- by Thomas

From Atlanta, GA comes The Wild, a folky bunch that swear by DIY ethics and who released an album called “A Collection”, which is just what the title might lend you to believe… a collection of songs from splits, live cuts and EPs thrown together. I have to say, it all gels together surprisingly well. But that might be because The Wild’s jangly folk-punk has the tendency to sound the same-ish after the first couple of songs. Feel free to think of everyone from Bob Dylan and Woodie Guthrie to Andrew Jackson Jihad to get on the same page RIYL-wise.

Earnest lyrics, male/female vocals and more harmonica than you can shake a stick at… it does become a bit too much if you have to listen to it for an hour. But hey, it’s a compilation and the band’s enthusiasm is addictive so here’s to hoping they offer a little more diversity on a regular album!
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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