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Butch Walker And The Black Widows – The Spade

- by Thomas

After having previously dabbled in arena rock, glam rock and alt-country tunes somewhere during his decade-long solo career, Butch Walker and his Black Widows went for yet another sound on “The Spade”. This time it’s poppy rock songs all around that are all about having a good time. Echoes of the past still linger in songs like the glammy “Every Single Body Else” and “Bullet Belt’, which reeks of hair spray and latex pants.

But it’s songs like opener “Bodega And Blood” and “Summer Of ‘89” that make this album a real treat. “The Spade” is not without its flaws but at 42 years old, Butch Walker doesn’t seem to care anymore. He just does whatever he feels like and you can hear the fun in just about every song. It’s an attitude you can only embrace, especially if it makes for albums like “The Spade”.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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