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Deadman – Take Up Your Mat & Walk

- by Thomas

Austin, TX’ Deadman released “Live At The Saxon Pub” not too long ago. It was a good way to get some attention but now they have released an even better calling card. There is not one flawed song in sight on “Take Up Your Mat & Walk”!

Their particular brand of country and folk is heartbreakingly beautiful at times and truly shines in songs like “Till The Morning Comes” and “”… echoes of The Band are never really that far away. They also throw in some soul in songs like “Don’t Do This” and “We All Need Love” whereas “This Old World’s Not Gonna Change” has a bit of Dylan in it… I’ll leave it in the middle whether I’m talking about Bob or Jakob.

Whatever route they go for, they always pull it off with subtle rocking, gentle vocals and great melodies and it makes “Take Up Your Mat & Walk” a great album that you should check out if you’re a country kinda guy.
Score: 8 out of 10

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