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Professor Green – At Your Inconvenience

Professor Green (or the UK’s version of Eminem as I like to call him) is back with the follow-up to “Alive Till I’m Dead”. This one is called “At Your Inconvenience” and on it you will find everything that you could possibly expect to find on a modern hiphop album. Let’s go over the list…

If you’re a rapper you need some tunes that’ll do well in the clubs. Now that dubstep is big, it means you need to have a dubstep/drum n bass song. Check! Got that shit covered with songs like “Trouble” and “How Many Moons”! A little bit of trance with some breakbeat rhythms underneath don’t exactly hurt things either and so that’s where a song like “Remedy” comes in. But you also need your piano ballads with preferably a girl handling vocals in the chorus… check first single “Read All About It” to hear what that sounds like. Or “Astronaut”. Of course, no hiphop album is complete without its share of clunkers… “Spinning Out” is where the Professor manages to completely rape The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” and it truly is toe-curlingly bad.

Like I mentioned before, the similarities with Eminem are abundant… yes, they are both white but they also spit out their raps in a similar way, had a rough childhood and don’t mind talking about it in their songs. And just like Eminem, Professor Green is at his best when he digs a little deeper and gets personal in his lyrics. Overall “At Your Inconvenience” is a solid release that might not exactly be original but very well executed nonetheless.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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