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Neal Casal – Sweeten The Distance

Neal Casal might still be best know as the guitarist for Ryan Adams’ Cardinals but that doesn’t stop him from releasing solo album after solo album. “Sweeten The Distance” is the name of his latest baby and already his twelfth release.

Compared to 2009’s “Roots And Wings” things rock a little less this time around with Casal focusing on melancholy and restraint instead, except for the occasional outburst (“So Many Enemies”). This does mean things are less diverse even though Casal still likes to dabble in the kind of country and folkrock that brings you right back to the early seventies. “Bird With No Name” even sounds like a recently unearthed America song.

“Sweeten The Distance” is a laidback kind of album that’s fun to spend some time with. It might not be the best singer/songwriter album ever but I’ll take it over Joey Cape’s solo albums anytime.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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Check out (and like) an awesome one-take of Neal Casal performing "Need Shelter":