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Jim Ward – Quiet In The Valley, On The Shores The End Begins / The Electric Six

Jim Ward is best known for his work in At The Drive-In. When that band called it a day, he started Sparta. And then when that band called it a day, he was probably so fed up with bands, that he started a solo project. This led to the release of three acoustic EPs which have now been compiled on one single shiny disc with a whopping fourteen songs and six extra songs which are called ‘the electric six’ because they are louder versions of some of the other songs. Most of the time though it’s all very quiet in Ward’s valley.

The good man knows how to write a good song as opener “On My Way Home Back Again” proves right from the get-go. Sounding like Rufus Wainwright one moment, Leonard Cohen the next and then a little like Bono right after that, Ward makes it very clear that he doesn’t need loud guitars to be noticed. He’s doing just fine with his acoustic guitar and the occasional trumpet or piano that rears its head to spruce things up.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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