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SOS interview

- by Thomas

SOS. Stop.New hardcore band. Stop. With guys from Terror and Hatebreed among others. Stop. Here's something that barely qualifies as an interview with Scott Vogel. Full stop.

PRT: How did you guys first get together?
Scott: Just basic stuff. Five guys from separate bands and cities whose bands played together and toured together, that talked about making music. So we did.

PRT: You’re all involved in other hardcore bands, how come you felt the need to start a new band?
Scott: It's cool to step outside the band you're with all the time and try something different. New ideas and angles.

PRT: SOS is a distress signal… is that what you want to send out to the world?
Scott: That music today is mostly watered down garbage. No pulse. No truth.

PRT: For people who haven’t heard you before… if you were the lovechild of two other bands, which acts would’ve had sex and which position were you conceived in?
Scott: Agnostic Front and Brotherhood. Standing up.

PRT: You recently released “I Owe You Nothing”, an EP with a very personal and in your face title… are those characteristics that reflect on SOS as a whole as well?
Scott: Of course. This is all about a quick calculated assault.

PRT: Being involved in other bands with busy touring schedules, are there any plans for heavy touring with SOS?
Scott: Not at all.

PRT: Was “I Owe You Nothing” a one-time thing or are you already thinking about a sequel?
Scott: Only time will show

PRT: Any last words for our readers?
Scott: Listen to Hatebreed. Feel the realness.

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