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Nekromantix – What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell!

- by Thomas

Psychobilly die-hards Nekromantix are back with a new album called “What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell!”… which is a seriously lame album title! To make things worse, they haven’t changed a thing about their sound. That means they still use the same rhythm in basically every song, the same ticking bass sound and while we’re at it… the same subject matter and the same cartoon-ish artwork.

This genre is already not known for its diversity but from a band that is as big in the genre as Nekromantix, you would expect a little bit more time and effort. Seeing as they’re so fond of puns in their titles, I’m thinking “Napocalypse Now” or “From Dusk Till Yawn” would work pretty well for their next album.
Score: 5 out of 10

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