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El Caco interview

Hey! We found one of them… El Caco is a Norwegian band that does not play black metal. Instead they excel at playing dark, atmospheric alternative rock that made me think of Alice In Chains (the vocals!) and Tool (the riffs!). Check out their new album “Love, Hate & Diagrams” but feel free to ready this interview first!

PRT: I’m sorry but my Spanish is a little bit rusty… what does El Caco mean and how did you come up with the name?
El Caco: El Caco is spanish slang for "The Thief". It actually came up as an alternative to Cake, cause that was what we were called a hundred years ago, and we put a little latin twist on it. We didn´t know the meaning until a Spanish stewardess told us on our way to a gig. Then we liked it even more

PRT: For people who haven’t heard you guys yet… if El Caco was the lovechild of two other bands, which acts would’ve had sex and which position were you conceived in?
El Caco: Probably Led Z and Motorhead…standing under water near Niagra Falls

PRT: You started out as a stoner band a little over ten years ago but you have evolved quite a bit since then. Was that something that just happened over the years or was it more of a conscious decision to veer off in another direction?
El Caco: I think we just wanted to evolve through our records so we would not make the same record over and over again. It was surely a calculated decision to work with Daniel Bergstrand on the second record to do something else. He had produced Meshuggah so that was also a reason. What happened was that we could not stop working with him so he has been a part of every record since. But, it´s not a change to shake off stoner it is a way of trying new things to make music more interesting to play

PRT: El Caco is a Norwegian band. Do you feel it’s harder to get noticed compared to being a band from the UK?
El Caco: I think, as long as your record is good enough you will be noticed even if you are from Norway. But it might be more difficult since we are not a Black Metal band. Through the history England has been known for protecting their music scene but nowadays internet has mostly wiped out the borders

PRT: Your new album is called “Love, Hate & Diagrams”. What do diagrams have to do exactly with love and hate?
El Caco: It has do to with rules and keeping every day on schedule to make things work.

PRT: I love how you incorporate influences such as Alice In Chains and Tool into your songs but still end up having a sound of your own. Is that something you’re very careful about?
El Caco: No, not really. We have a lot of different influences, including the two above, and we´re not thinking about which bands it might be similar to. We have mostly been working out our sound to make it sound good live, and that has helped us getting our own fingerprint independent of how the songs are made.

PRT: What’s up next for El Caco? Lots of touring?
El Caco: Yes, we start here in Norway and then it´s Europe in the fall. We´ll play some summer festivals as well.

PRT: You’ve already been around for quite some years… are there any things you would still like to achieve with your band other than – obviously - world domination?
El Caco: Haha, no just world domination

PRT: Any last words for our readers?
El Caco: Yes, check the record out and when you can´t wait to hear it live tell your local promotor to book us

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