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Milagres – Glowing Mouth

Some people have all the luck! After getting sick and tired of struggling with a writer’s block, vocalist Kyle Wilson fled to Canada where he then injured his back rock climbing. The only ‘good’ thing about the whole episode was that while bedridden, Wilson finally found the inspiration to write what would become “Glowing Mouth”.

As can be expected it did not turn out to be a happy go lucky kind of thing but rather a dark-ish psychedelic pop album with lots of synth sounds. Not too much unlike Wild Beasts or Grizzly Bear if you will. There’s some Prince lite funkiness to be found in the title track, “Gentle Beast” slowly meanders along before bursting wide open towards the end with some guitar action and “Lost In The Dark” is based on a simple melody yet comes with a catchy chorus. Milagres’ sound is pretty diverse and pretty much the only thing that all the songs have in common are the rich arrangements and Wilson’s falsetto.

Unfortunately it’s not all praise… especially during the second half of the album things take turn for the worse and the result is lackluster at best as you work your way further down the tracklisting. Overall “Glowing Mouth” turned out to be an atmospheric album that slowly fades out in the second half.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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