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The Hickey Underworld – I’m Under The House, I’m Dying

While these guys do seem rather fond of the word ‘under’, you’d be hard-pressed to call them an underdog. Ever since winning Humo’s Rock Rally in 2006 and releasing their debut album, it’s not easy to find someone who hasn’t heard of The Hickey Underworld. Because they’re loud, obviously. But also because they know how to write songs that have the sexy cool of Queens Of The Stone Age, the experimental urges of a band like Tool yet still show their hardcore roots. It sounds like a weird concoction on paper, especially if you throw some psychedelic spasms as well but The Hickey Underworld pull it off on “I’m Under The House, I’m Dying”.

It’s never quite clear if vocalist Younes Faltakh is pissed off or just trying to seduce a girl when he’s screaming his lungs out over the battle that is taking place behind him between guitarist Jonas Govaerts and the rhythm section. But seriously, who cares? I just like good, loud music and there’s plenty of that to be found on “I’m Under The House, I’m Dying” under the form of “Whistling” (without actual whistling), “Cold Embrace” (no whistling either, but it does come with a flute) or “Pure Hearts In Mud”, which starts all mellow and shit before the Underworlders revert to their old ways with more screaming and more loud guitars.

Let’s just hope this is the album that will get them out of Belgium so that our ears will finally stop bleeding.
Score: 8.5 out of 10

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