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El Caco – Hatred, Love & Diagrams

- by Thomas

El Caco is (despite what its name might suggest) a Norwegian band that started out as a stoner act back in 2001. They have diversified their sound since and while there are still some stoner influences lingering around, these days you’re better off lumping them in the alternative rock/post-grunge scene where they blend right in.

On “Hatred, Love & Diagrams” they do their thing quite convincingly with some lines they borrowed from Tool (opener “After I’m Gone”) and Alice In Chains (“Sixty To Zero”). Despite some obvious points of reference, they do have a sound of their own and it’s one I like. This is not in the least thanks to the brooding atmosphere that haunts “Hatred, Love & Diagrams” but equally thanks to vocalist Osa’s standout vocals.

I had never heard of El Caco before and I imagine a lot of you out there haven’t either, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s about to change with the release of this new album.
Score: 8 out of 10

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