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B-Movie Orchestra – The Ultimate in Thrilling, Erotic and Raunchy Filmmusic!! Vol. 1

Baz Matti is best known as the drummer from Junkie XL and Ellen ten Damme. But he’s also something of an aficionado of B-movie soundtracks from the sixties and seventies. Which is why he brought B-Movie Orchestra to life.

I really like the idea of a funky and groovy big band playing all those obscure tunes from sixties and seventies movies you’ve never heard about, especially when it’s this well-executed. “The Ultimate in Thrilling, Erotic and Raunchy Filmmusic” lives up to its title and takes you from glitzy casinos (“Sexy Girls”) to poorly lit back alleys where serial killers roam (“Necronomania”) without blinking once.

It should work even better live where they have some extras in the form of a VJ projecting clips and the sexy Cinematic Fever Girls. Check ‘em out if you get the chance!
Score: 7 out of 10

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