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Comrades – Collection : 2010-2011

“Collection : 2010-2011” sees three previously DIY released EPs compiled on one single shiny disc after inking a deal with Blood & Ink Records. On it the boys and one girl that make up Comrades dive headfirst into post-rock/hardcore waters. It sounds not all that different from Red Sparowes and Russian Circles but then again, it kinda does. It’s not quite as heavy as those bands and they don’t shy away from using vocals every now and again.

For the most part though Comrades thrives at playing melodic yet slightly unsettling instrumental tunes that manage to create a lot of atmosphere. While this particular scene is already pretty crowded, I’m sure Comrades will find a spot to settle in alongside all the other post-something bands out there.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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