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Janus – Nox Aeris

Remember alt-metal? Nu metal? You know… the songs that nobody still plays except Sirius XM on their Octane channel? Yeah, exactly… Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin and so on. Well, that’s what Chicago’s Janus sound like.

I still remember “Red Right Return” from a couple of years ago, albeit somewhat vaguely. It wasn’t a bad album but it didn’t come with a high replay value either and the songs all blended into one another. This time around they’re still not breaking any new ground but they do sound more dynamic and a bit tighter, making “Nox Aeris” an enjoyable album for those of you who like some theatrics and drama in their music. Yeah, you got me… I was addressing all the teenage girls that like 30 Seconds To Mars there.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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