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The Cubical – It Ain’t Human

These Liverpool natives may look like they play Britpop, as soon as opener “Dirty Shame” kicks in you’ll find yourself hearing some nasty blues that belongs only in the darkest of bars. One where they don’t serve anything but the cheapest whiskey and where you’re amazed if a fistfight does not break out every other hour.

Blues, soul and rock n roll are mixed into one nasty whole and Dan Wilson’s vocals are gritty as fuck with the horn section and melodic riffs offering only the slightest counterweight. Even when they’re slowing things down in songs like “Are We Just Lovers?”, it sounds like something of a nightmare. Okay, Captain Beefheart and Bo Diddley already did this before these guys but when it’s done this good, a lack of originality isn’t a big problem.
Score: 7 out of 10

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