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Prima Donna – Bless The Mess

Prima Donna is an LA-based band that has been rocking since 2003 and continue to do so on “Bless The Mess”. With lots of rock n roll swagger and enough glam to make Russell Brand envious, these five guys work their way through a dozen songs.

Every single song on here seems to be influenced by another artist and while it makes for plenty of variation, the songs on display do not exactly brim with originality. “Staring Daggers” sounds like something Elvis Costello could have written back in the day, “Crimson Lust” is pure gutter-glam, The Beatles rear their heads in “Maxine” and contemporaries The Rolling Stones can be heard throughout the title track.

Even so the guys in Prima Donna do a pretty good job so if you’re just looking for a fun rock n roll album, you’ll be good to go with “Bless The Mess”.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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