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Secret Music – Secret Music

The duo that makes up Secret Music met in Brooklyn and decided to start writing tunes outside of the indie band mediocrity. At first it was all just for fun (hence the band moniker?) but when they entered the studio with Passion Pit’s Ayad Al Adhamy and a bunch of demos, they quickly found the sound they were looking for.

This could be dubbed synth pop if only it didn’t rock so hard! Most of the songs on their self-titled debut are upbeat affairs with layers of synths sprinkled over the hazy vocals that were apparently sung through pay phone receivers they stole on the streets of Bed-Stuy at 4am.

With songs like opener “Ghost In The Graveyard”, “T.O.Y.S.” and “Top Drop”, this album lets itself be played as the soundtrack to a comedy about one crazy night where everything goes wrong right up until the happy ending.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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