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Opposite Sex – Opposite Sex

Opposite Sex came to life when vocalist Lucy Hunter returned from Europe with a bass guitar and met a secondhand bookshop owner named Tim Player, who had acquired a drum set at a garage sale. They then got in touch with Fergus Taylor, who had taught himself to play the guitar with the help of Guitar Player magazine CDs. Together they decided to form a band and if you look at how they started out, I don’t think it comes as much of a surprise that things sound as jangly and DIY as they do.

They themselves call it an ‘absurdist-logico mix of Euro pop, Beat poetry and subterranean lo-fi adventuring’, I call it slightly deranged pop with a post-punk twist. Take a minute and try to look past the hideous artwork, you might enjoy cutesy quirky songs such as the waltzy “Sea Shanty”, the slightly off-key “La Rat” or “The Bones Of Dr. White”, which comes with a psychobilly vibe.

They’re clearly having fun playing whatever they feel like playing and while it all sounds sweet enough, their self-titled album comes off more like a glorified demo than anything else.
Score: 5 out of 10

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