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Magic Wands – Aloha Moon

Magic Wands is an LA-based duo that plays cutesy synthpop songs (“Teenage Love”, “Kaleidoscope Hearts”) that purr for the most part but occasionally come with a bit of a bite as well. “Kiss Me Dead” for example plays like a Jesus & Mary Chain tribute with guitars taking on electronics. Dexy Valentine’s vocals are kinda hazy and subdued whereas the music has a tendency to pop out with guitars that roll in and out alongside soaring synth sounds.

While most of the songs trickle along nicely enough, closer “Space” comes with more of a danceable vibe. It’s an avenue they can explore some more if it’s up to me because it sounds pretty damn good. Whatever, it makes “Aloha Moon” a relaxing and diverse enough album that’s entertaining throughout all ten songs and it makes Magic Wands a band that’s worthy of your support. Because even though they’ve already played shows alongside The Raconteurs, The Kills and The Black Keys, they’re still flying under the radar for now.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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Anonymous said...

this band rules. aloha moon LP 9/10