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Xavier Rudd – Spirit Bird

When an album is called “Spirit Bird” and opens with a didgeridoo, I get scared. And after having listened to the whole thing, it turns out that in Xavier Rudd’s case my fears were justified. This Australian surf dude not only opens his album with a didgeridoo, he then proceeds by letting it go on for six minutes with a minimalistic beat thrown in along with something that sounds like chanting. Yeah, you lost me there buddy!

Luckily he somewhat redeems himself with “Comfortable In My Skin” and “Follow The Sun”, mellow tracks that sound like fellow surfer dude turned songwriter Jack Johnson. But then there is the title track alongside others which aren’t bad but go on for way too long. And the songs that rest are more experimental affairs such as “Prosper” that go absolutely nowhere. In the 10 minutes long “Full Circle” Rudd even manages to combine both flaws.

If you’re not looking for a soundtrack to your tree-hugging activities or meditation sessions, there simply aren’t a whole lot of redeeming qualities about this album.
Score: 4 out of 10

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