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Destroy Nate Allen – With Our Powers Combined

Destroy Nate Allen is a married couple called Nate and Tessa Allen who are helped out by the weirdo punks of GnarBoots on “With Our Powers Combined”. Personally I’d find it slightly unsettling if my wife suggested being in a band named after my destruction, but listening to the songs at hand here I’m thinking stranger things happen on a daily basis at the Allen residence.

“Waking Up Is Hard To Do” wastes no time getting the party started and it quickly becomes clear that these songs are high on energy which they unleash in short bursts. With chaotic synths, dual vocals that constantly seem on the verge of stumbling over one another and fast rhythms, this mix of punk, folk and ska made me wonder if Nate Allen could be the lovechild of the Aquabats and Atom & His Package.

The completely over the top music comes with witty lyrics about everyday occurrences that will get a couple of laughs, especially when delivered by way of slightly off-key vocals. While songs like “Chick Flick” and “We Talk Occasionally On The Internet” are pretty solid, the hyperactivity does become a bit much towards the end. I’m pretty sure they’re even more fun live though!
Score: 6 out of 10

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