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Antagonist – World In Decline

These dudes may be from Southern California, there’s nothing mellow about them and judging from what I heard, I doubt they like to chillax. Instead they’re out to prove to the world that they know how to shred. They expertly do so by combining metal with hardcore on album number four, “World In Decline”.

The bleak lyrical matter goes hand in hand with the Gothenburg-inspired metalcore that was all the hype a couple of years ago. Hell, they even throw in a couple of old-fashioned Kirk Hammett-style guitar solos. Gasp!

You’d be hard-pressed calling Antagonist innovative and while they aren’t as good as some of the other bands that spearheaded the genre (Darkest Hour, As I Lay Dying), you could do a lot worse if this is your kind of music.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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