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Smoke Or Fire – The Speakeasy

“The Speakeasy” is already album number three for Smoke Or Fire. Honestly, they have never been my favorite Fat Wreck band and after having listened to “The Speakasy” a bunch of times, I’m afraid that won’t change right away.

They’re off to a good enough start though with “Integrity”, a barnburner with galloping drums, loud guitars and vocals that made me think of Against Me. But after that the album starts to fizzle out already… it’s not for lack of trying. They’ve got all their bases covered, everything that normally makes for a solid punkrock album is present and accounted for on songs like “Monsters Among Us” and “Porch Wine”. Yet somehow it just doesn’t click. Not even the folky “Honey I Was Right About The War” can make “The Speakeasy” better than just an okay-ish album.
Score: 6 out of 10

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