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Your Memorial – Atonement

All the way from Minnesota comes Your Memorial. They self-released their debut album a year or two ago, toured, got picked up by Facedown and are now dropping the big number two, “Atonement”.

Yes, it’s time for some more metalcore… growled vocals, chugga chugga riffs, one-note breakdowns, the occiasional melodic riff… it’s all present and accounted for and it’s all so goddamn predictable. Gotta hand it to these guys though… they at least try to spice things up with three instrumental, more atmospheric parts that are actually worth listening to. It’s just the songs in between that bore me to death. We’ve already had a band called Misery Signals, don’t need another one. Guess we can’t really hold it against them though. That whole scene basically consists of nothing but clones.
Score: 4 out of 10

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